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Our Services

As specialists for more than 30 years in the field of personnel and recruitment, we ensure that your Curriculum Vitae, or Resume, is individually written 

and structured with painstaking care to project your abilities in the most positive and effective manner. CV designs are individually tailored (in MS Word) 

to suit each Client’s personal data using one of our proven job-winning formats. We DO NOT merely write a CV but ensure that the finished product is an 

‘original’ creation – a distinctive CV designed to command the immediate attention of any prospective employer.

Original CV / Resume :  

This is a completely new document, compiled from scratch by a designated CV Writer, using information contained in an existing 2-page CV and sent

to us as an e-mailed attachment. Under normal circumstances, a Proof CV will be emailed for Client approval within 3 - 5 working days from receipt

of order, payment and the CV to be restructured.  Each order is dealt with on a first-come first-served basis, unless a new Client prefers to take

advantage of our Express Service

Managerial CV : 

Entitled 'Managerial CV' this is the appropriate choice if you require a Professional, Managerial, Technical, or Engineering CV and are submitting an 

existing CV of 3-pages or more. It is also the correct choice if you are an Expatriate who has spent a career travelling to multiple contracts worldwide 

and, by virtue of its very nature, your career history is lengthy. Here, all CV's at this level are created from scratch by a Professional Writer with more 

than 25 years' experience in the appropriate sector.  Our standard timescale is 3 - 5 working days unless a Client chooses the Express Service. 


Ultimate CV :  

Compiled throughout by a suitably qualified Senior Consultant, a new document is created from information submitted by e-mail.  At this level Clients 

may submit more than one existing CV, as well as support documentation in the form of Job Descriptions, References, etc.  Clients taking advantage 

of this service have included Managing Directors of Plc's and the MD of a Premier League Football Club; indeed, senior management from all sectors.

The standard timescale is 3 - 5 working days unless Clients opt for our Express Service. 

Proof CV :  

In all assignments, a Proof CV is e-mailed for Client approval and at least 9 out of 10 Clients happily approve without any change whatsoever!

Once approved, the completed MS Word file is forwarded by return e-mail. 

Express Service :  

If your need is particularly urgent, we do offer an Express Service for those Clients scrambling to meet a critical deadline. Here we undertake to provide

a Proof CV for approval AND have the assignment completed within 48 hours of receipt of order and full Client details.  However, we do not recommend

rushing compilation of your CV unless it is absolutely necessary. We will NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity and our commitment to each Client is 110%.

It is precisely for this reason that we NEVER engage in mass-production of this crucial document, nor outsource any part of the process to part-time typists.


Letters of Application :  

Upon request, sample letters of application will be despatched with a completed CV, entirely free of charge. 

Alternatively, a tailor-made professional writing service is available for that target role.

Linked-In Profile : 

Linked-In has become a very popular resource for recruiters and job seekers.  Many users simply copy / paste their CV's into Linked-In,

but this is a grave mistake.  Your Linked-In summary should be written in the first person and must be sufficiently compelling to convince 

a recruiter, or potential employer, that you are an ideal candidate. However, we only offer this service to new and existing CVSi Clients.